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Our Advisory Services are developed and delivered by industry tested professionals with commercial and government experience and expertise.


We offer processes and strategies for leading teams with the following:

  • Portfolio & Program Management – Transformative customer centric portfolio and program management built on the vision and mission. Integrated and streamlined processes, procedures, and reporting with digital tools, templates, and workflows that align demand, resources, planning, and reporting with controls and accountability.
  • Strategy & Planning – Effective strategies and planning activities provide the foundation for scalable, evolving programs and operations. Mature approaches and methodologies drive engagement with stakeholders for the adoption of the vision, mission, and goals. 
  • Digital Transformation – Innovative approaches to driving improved capabilities using advanced technologies and solutions that empower real-time decision making and optimize processes that include near real-time visibility and transparency.
  • Project Management – Intuitive, human centered solutions designed to drive Stakeholder and IT delivery partner engagement tools, templates, and trackers to optimize engagement and buy-in on objectives, outcomes, and key results. Integrated project workstreams managed via streamlined and digitized processes, procedures, and reporting with near real-time visibility of risks and schedules, and digital trackers for watch items, decisions, progress, and wins. Stakeholder and IT delivery partner engagement tools, templates, and trackers to optimize engagement and buy-in on objectives.
  • Acquisition Support Services – Innovative approaches to improve and expedite market research, requirements development, planning & strategy, and statements of work development, process flows, and SharePoint services to automate tracking and reporting.
All of our practices and offerings are driven by continuous excellence and innovation. We strive to consistently drive new solutions using technology and efficient processes.


We specialize in driving innovation across our technology teams in the following areas:

  • DevSecOps – Seamlessly integrate Agile development, security, and operations to enhance the processes and quality in production. Implement parallel development and integration to reduce deployment times and improve efficiencies.
  • Data & Intelligence – Transform operations and productivity with robust tools to collect, analyze, and interpret data with enhanced decision-making and real-time situational awareness. Accelerate solutions built on secure, private, accurate, and immediate information.
  • Research & Development – Invest in research and development to create new products; discover new services and practices; or develop new business models to improve operations, security, automated solutions, and other best  practices.
  • Cybersecurity – Protect critical systems and information across networks and applications with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, best practices, robust tools, and analytics.
Our transformative digitalization of processes and data across various channels provides cutting edge tools for accurate, time-saving decision-making and reporting.


We lead transformational change and organizational readiness with the following:

  • Process Transformation – Transform traditional and manual business processes to redefine, enhance, and optimize technology driven solutions. Optimize workflows using COTS tools and technologies that drive automation and dashboard analytics.
  • Data Visualization – Accelerate operations, decision making, and real-time operational views with automated dashboards and visualizations. Design intuitive, functional mediums to enhance operational views and situational awareness.
  • Multi-Channel Communications – Connect to people, data, tools, and information using multiple secure connection points that drive communication and collaboration while enabling critical operations and decision-making.
  • Cloud Solutions – Evolve from on-prem or hybrid solutions to cloud solutions for consolidated systems and technologies. Expand capabilities with new Proofs of Concept that integrate people, tools, and ubiquitous technologies that are seamlessly integrated into operations with interactive readiness and training.
Our experts lead the initial assessments and analyses to fully determine the best approaches to create pleasant and productive experiences for users, customers and stakeholders.


Customer experiences should be stress free and provide streamlined access to data and information. We improve experiences by performing assessments and analyses and by leading change with the following:

  • Assessments – Perform effective cultural assessments, implement systems for collecting customer feedback, and cultivate knowledge from customers to improve customer satisfaction and enhance loyalty.
  • Analyses – Perform detailed analyses of the mission, priorities, activities, processes, and procedures to improve customer experience. Develop tools to elicit customer feedback to collect insight and data on priorities and preferences.
  • Change Management – Develop a framework and strategy to prepare organizations for change using tools and templates to map the experience of  stakeholders, constituents, and users. Facilitate the intentional transition of an optimal Customer-Centric Culture by developing a detailed CX Roadmap with detailed milestones and achievable results.
  • Training – Design, develop, and deliver training that is informative, engaging, motivating, and that cultivates new ideas to drive education and change. Implement tactical steps to achieve goals using achievable tools and rewards for progress.
Our marketing and communications consultants have led national and organizational marketing campaigns for industry and federal and state governments.


We create and manage marketing, strategic communications, and public relations campaigns with the following services:

  • Web Services – Drive organizational priorities and attract target customers with impactful web solutions that engage, educate, and drive behavior with intuitive messages and collaborative interactions.
  • Marketing – Attract and engage internal and external customers and constituents with engaging branding and marketing materials and tools to inform, educate, and promote ideas, services, and products.
  • Communications – Design, develop, and manage the exchange of ideas, data, and knowledge with targeted audience members using technology, best practices, narrative, and other tools. Expand the interactions and understanding of communications across programs and projects to improve outcomes and results.
  • Public Relations – Strategically develop, deliver, and manage public messaging to cultivate trust and educate specific industry groups and customers. Expand market perceptions and understanding of the priorities, values, mission, and objectives of organizations, programs, projects, and campaigns.
Our hard core veterans and committed service providers support vital readiness activities and provide day-to-day support for vital operations and logistical services.


We offer processes and strategies for leading teams with the following:

  • Organization & Preparation – Ensure comprehensive organizational readiness with robust plans, programs, exercises, and assigned responsibilities to address emerging threats and challenges. Manage readiness data within robust platform to drive decision-making and maintain situational awareness.
  • Risk Management – Manage emerging and known risks using a streamlined approach, methodology, processes, and tools to identify, assess, and control the impacts. Implement a robust management structure to establish the types/classifications, tolerance  levels; preventions; resolutions; and impacts.
  • Training – Develop and enhance skills and knowledge to improve the individual and organizations proficiency, capability, productivity, and performance. Deliver informative, engaging, and motivating content to cultivate new ideas and propel change.
  • Logistics – Implement a strategy to acquire, store, and transport resources using effective business processes, principles, methodologies, and controls. Use technology to drive the management of assets, resources, and materials while improving operations and enhancing customer experience.

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