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A new kind of consulting company


We are an SDVOSB and WOSB professional services firm that is challenging
traditional norms and offering innovative approaches & practices to improve outcomes.

Offering strategies for Program Management, Acquisition Services, and Digital Transformation.

Specializing in agile DevSecOps, Data and Intelligence, Research & Development, and Cybersecurity services and solutions.

Leading change in Process Transformation, Data Visualization, Multi-Channel Communications, and Cloud Solutions.

Improving experiences by performing Assessments and Analyses and leading Change Management and Training.

Driving Web Services, Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations campaigns and solutions.

Supporting vital readiness with Organization & Preparation, Risk Assessments, Logistics, and Training.

Vikint Team

Our Employee Promise

VIKINT will invest in the maturation of a thriving team of experts in an innovative, and positive environment, while ensuring that opportunities to expand skills and capabilities are available.

Business group

Our Customer Promise

VIKINT delivers beyond industry standards. We commit to polished deliverables; consistent best practices; and near real-time digital reporting and dashboard tracking across programs and projects.


Our Partner Promise

We believe that our word is paramount to anything we say or do. We honor the commitments we make with other organizations and will follow through with the agreements we make – every time!

We have a vision to transform traditional stove pipes and non-efficient business processes to drive decision making and positive cultures in every environment. We strive for excellent, compelling products and services every day. We attract smart, enthusiastic, and motivated professionals who take pride in a job well done.

Our Enthusiastic Evolution

Why Choose VIKINT ?

VIKINT evolved from a team of values-based driven partners who had each spent over a decade supporting organizations and the federal government providing various services.

VIKINT was formed to offer industry an alternative to traditional consulting services by offering an employee driven customer-centric service delivery model that builds in baseline standards while integrating custom and creative solutions. VIKINT prioritizes evolving practices and techniques that ensure every program, project, and task is assessed to identify the best enablers while mitigating constraints and challenges.

This team of experts identified the need for efficient and transparent delivery mechanisms to effectively drive objectives across programs by incorporating accountability and transparency using digital tools and reporting templates.

Similar to many start-up companies, the partners have a passion to change how business is done! VIKINT offers our clients the tools, tips, and techniques we have developed and implemented that directly streamline and optimize processes and drive our solutions. We commit to working with industry partners and technology leaders to offer our customers the best solutions with significant results.

Connecting Dots & Shaping Solutions

We love to add amazing, talented, and driven professionals to our team!
Connect with our recruiters to find new opportunities to join us!
You won’t regret it!

Get to Know Who We Are


Our Vision

Advance organizational capabilities & cultures

Our Mission

Promote organizational Transformations

Our Philosophy

Inspire & engage

Our Vision

Advance organizational capabilities and cultures to inspire innovation and transformation; empower creative thinking; and cultivate compassion and attentiveness to improve our world.

Our Mission

Promote organizational transformations that are driven by transparent operations with clear communications, accountability, and data integration and a single source of truth for leadership, staff, and engaged stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

Inspired, engaged, and appreciated people and teams are motivated to perform and deliver optimal solutions and services.


Our company values that define our priorities and commitments.

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